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December 2020 was the first time we’ve been in the clubs since Feb 2020. We had a blast! It was great seeing everyone again. One club was having a large party. The club owner stopped the party to introduce us to the crowd. He said we’d been coming to his club for the past 7 years, and he’d like for… Read more »

What Happens When 2 Introverts Go to a Strip Club?

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This past Tuesday night, Ashley and I went to the strip clubs. As we were driving, Ashley mentioned she wondered earlier what we would talk about in the car since both of us are introverts. I laughed. I don’t feel like an introvert around Ashley nor do I see her as an introvert. She’s easy to talk to. Talking to… Read more »

He Sees

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“Let’s pray because I have a lot of stuff that needs repair in my life right now,” the tiny girl said to the other girls in the dressing room as she looked at us. The girls gathered around and held hands with us as Candace began to pray. After the prayer, a different girl, Tia, thanked us for praying because… Read more »

2018 Year in Review

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Yes, I’m still doing this ministry. I’ve been hesitant to send newsletters because I don’t want to bother people. We get inundated with emails, and I don’t want to be like one of those annoying groups who constantly flood my in-box with opportunities to buy their goods. But, of course, this is different because it’s me, and I’m not selling… Read more »


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People ask me why we went to Vegas for the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO in August. I look at them blankly and think to myself “why wouldn’t we?” They continue by reminding me I’m based in Houston. Why go to Vegas? Why go to this event? Good questions which caused me to pause and think. Honestly, it made me second guess… Read more »

You Never Know Whom You’ll Run In To

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Last night we took Easter buckets containing candy and a neon/glittery Easter egg (with a rolled-up scripture verse inside) to the clubs. Not all Easter eggs contained the same verse. At the first club, we were getting ready to pray for a dancer who had just come off stage when a waitress came in and wanted to join the prayer. We… Read more »

Remember This Day

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We walked in to the dressing room of the last club of the night. I saw a girl sitting off to the side by herself. She looked at us expectantly and also confused. Kinda like “why are these ladies coming in here? What are they up to?” We handed her a bag and said “Merry Christmas.” She smiled and thanked… Read more »

Dec 2016 Prayer Requests

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This past Tuesday was slow. Not a lot of girls or customers. Here are the prayer requests from recent outings over the past few months: Daisy is in school to become a nail tech. 5 months to go before graduation. Pray she has the strength & determination to finish. Samantha asked prayer for her stepmother (Wanda) who has cancer Prayer… Read more »