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December 2020 was the first time we’ve been in the clubs since Feb 2020. We had a blast! It was great seeing everyone again.

One club was having a large party. The club owner stopped the party to introduce us to the crowd. He said we’d been coming to his club for the past 7 years, and he’d like for us to say something. Erin took the mic and told the crowd we loved them and thanked the owner and everyone for allowing us in the club and for being kind to us, and wished them continued success.

We were able to pray with several girls in different clubs. Several wanted general prayer. Eve said she’d been asking God to show her signs as to whether or not Jesus is real. Erin and Candace let her know it wasn’t a coincidence we were there and prayed that God would reveal Himself to her in a very personal way.

Several clubs were closed due to COVID. We pray the girls and other staff members find employment elsewhere and are safe and healthy.Last night was a JOY. Our souls needed it. I trust everyone we came in contact with felt the JOY, too.