2018 Year in Review

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Yes, I’m still doing this ministry. I’ve been hesitant to send newsletters because I don’t want to bother people. We get inundated with emails, and I don’t want to be like one of those annoying groups who constantly flood my in-box with opportunities to buy their goods. But, of course, this is different because it’s me, and I’m not selling anything. I’m just letting you know about the people we meet each month in the hopes that you will pray for them and for us and possibly join and/or give to this ministry. 

So what did Jesus Loves Dancers do in 2018?

We gave away over 500 gift bags, prayed with a lot of dancers, & hugged a lot of necks. We saw several clubs close thanks to the State of Texas because owners failed to pay taxes. Some clubs re-opened. Others haven’t. Yet.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is that we re-connected with Kevin –the first manager we met 18 years ago. He was kind, open and accepting of us and was the first to call us The Church Ladies. We went through life with him: one of his boys had gasoline thrown on him & then someone tossed a match. He was badly burned. We & others prayed. His son recovered & continued playing baseball. Kevin was shot in the face one night shortly after we left the club. We went to the hospital to see him & held hands with several of the club regulars around his bed and prayed for Kevin’s recovery & for him to find other, safer avenues of employment. He told me he would never leave the industry because that’s all he knew. God had other plans. 

Kevin eventually left the clubs (again, thanks to the State of Texas) and began working for a restaurant chain. We lost contact with him. I would see Chris, our mutual friend in the club, and he would let me know Kevin was still alive and doing well. I would tell him to tell Kevin we still cared about him.

One day this spring, I got a text from Kevin. He wanted me to know he has COPD and isn’t doing well. He lost his restaurant job because of his illness. I immediately sent him some money (which had a negative impact on him when he went to file for SSI/Medicare/Medicaid) so Jesus Loves Dancers began sending him monthly supplies of canned goods, food staples, household goods, etc. We stay in touch via phone and text on a regular basis. One day we’ll get to see him in person again when he feels strong enough. He lives a few minutes north of us. 

Other good news: Roxy is doing well. She was working for a retail store in Houston for several years. She left this past summer and was able to be with her kids while school was out. She started working part-time for a grocery store in Houston a week ago. JLD sent money to her to help buy Christmas gifts for her 4 kids.

I’m still in contact with Reagan whom I’m met at the Gentlemen’s Club Expo trade show in Vegas this past August. She’s doing well. She found a good church, is still doing AA, and is starting to write about her experiences as a sober stripper.

And then there’s the team:  Veronica, Danielle, Laurie, Erin, Amanda, Wes, Sybil and Chassie (the girls always want to see the dog). I love their hearts. 

We’re always thankful for The Woodlands United Methodist Church for allowing us to meet at their facility and use their people mover. Truly a blessing.

I know it’s late in the year and close to Christmas, but if you’re looking for somewhere to donate money for a tax write-off or because you believe in this ministry and want to help support Kevin and others, please press the Donate button on the side of this page. Donations are processed by PayPal and are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS rules. Any amount is appreciated.

We look forward to what God has in store for this ministry next year. We pray that you have a blessed 2019.