What Happens When 2 Introverts Go to a Strip Club?

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This past Tuesday night, Ashley and I went to the strip clubs. As we were driving, Ashley mentioned she wondered earlier what we would talk about in the car since both of us are introverts. I laughed. I don’t feel like an introvert around Ashley nor do I see her as an introvert. She’s easy to talk to. Talking to strangers is not my forte. It’s out of my comfort zone. But what have I been doing for the past 20 years in this ministry? Talking to strangers.

In every club, Ashley talks to all of the girls and asks if they need prayer. She’s an introvert? People are drawn to her beautiful smile and genuine interest in them.

In one club, we gave gift bags to a group of girls who didn’t speak English. I walked away to go in the dressing room. I thought Ashley was following me. After a few minutes she hadn’t shown up. I thought maybe she didn’t know where the dressing room was so I went back to find her. She was standing in a circle with all of the girls holding hands and praying for them. She didn’t speak Spanish. They didn’t understand English. But they saw and felt her heart. Such a sweet moment. I wish I could have taken a picture. Love has no boundaries and needs no translation.

We talked to several girls and prayed with them and encouraged them. Here are a few highlights:

  • Leah asked for a general prayer;
  • Jessica was in a car with someone who got pulled over & had marijuana. This is her first arrest. She’s scared.
  • Prayed for a brother (Albert) who needs direction
  • Gabby’s dad has kidney stones and will have surgery to remove.
  • Maya wants more self-confidence to follow her dreams of being a singer/rapper.

So the answer to the question “What happens when 2 introverts go in to a strip club?” is: God shows up.