Remember This Day

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We walked in to the dressing room of the last club of the night. I saw a girl sitting off to the side by herself. She looked at us expectantly and also confused. Kinda like “why are these ladies coming in here? What are they up to?” We handed her a bag and said “Merry Christmas.” She smiled and thanked us and looked like she wanted to talk, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. Fortunately, Erin was there and began talking to her. Erin told us later the girl (Daisy) is in school to become a nail tech and has 5 more months before graduating. Daisy asked Erin to pray she would have the strength and determination to finish.

We prayed with some other girls and left.

As we walked out, Erin said, “I’ll be right back” and ran back inside the club.

Erin later said as we were leaving the club, she felt the Holy Spirit tell her Daisy wants to own a salon, and that it will happen. When Erin went back to Daisy, Erin asked her if she wanted her own salon. Daisy smiled and said yes. Erin told her, “The Lord wants you to know you will have your own salon one day. When you get discouraged and want to give up, remember this day!”  Daisy said she would always remember this day and thanked Erin for praying.

Sometimes we think the Holy Spirit can only move in church with lots of music and hype. Once again I’ve seen the Holy Spirit move and work in a strip club. I’m glad He is not limited nor confined to our perceptions and expectations. Thank you, Erin, for listening and being obedient. I know this girl (and I) will remember this day.

The Holy Spirit knows our dreams and the status of those dreams. Laurie prayed a beautiful prayer at the close of the evening. She prayed for the dreams of the girls AND the team members to come to fruition – even the dreams and desires we think are dashed and gone. God can resurrect those, too.

I pray your dreams will come to fruition soon.

Thank you for being a part of this team.

Love and Merry Christmas!

Drenda & the PTD/JLD Team