He Sees

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“Let’s pray because I have a lot of stuff that needs repair in my life right now,” the tiny girl said to the other girls in the dressing room as she looked at us. The girls gathered around and held hands with us as Candace began to pray. After the prayer, a different girl, Tia, thanked us for praying because she had lost a grandparent on each side, a friend had died, and her car had died in the past couple of months, and she had been feeling the weight of all that death/loss. Now she felt like she had been “seen”, and a burden lifted.

Over the years a few people have questioned why we do this ministry and “waste our time.” First, it’s NEVER a waste of time to be with these ladies. They are just as deserving of love and attention as a megapastor on tv. Secondly, why shouldn’t we do this? They deserve to know that God still loves them and still has a plan and a purpose for their lives. Most of them probably won’t go to church because of how they might be treated (see first sentence of this paragraph above) so we have to take the message of hope to them. Thirdly, if you want to get all religious about it, there’s scripture backing it up:  go in to the highways and hedges and compel them to come in. 

We all have stuff we’re dealing with. Some of us hide it better than others. When you work in a place where your business is out there for all to see, you need to know that God sees you, too.

Right in your mess.

Right in your brokenness.

Right in your struggles.

Right in your loss.

Right where you are.

And He still loves you. And He has a plan and a purpose for your life.

He sends a group of ladies who don’t look like you, aren’t the same age as you, who have had their own struggles and brokenness and mess. And they see you. And they let you know you are loved. And you are worthy. And you are precious in His sight.

Yeah, that’s my God. He doesn’t forget about us. He knows right where we are and what we’re going through, and He’s right there with us. He sees us.

Last night was amazing. As Laurie said to me, “This was water to my soul.” Yes, it was refreshing to me as well. He sees Church Ladies, too. God is so cool.