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People ask me why we went to Vegas for the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO in August. I look at them blankly and think to myself “why wouldn’t we?” They continue by reminding me I’m based in Houston. Why go to Vegas? Why go to this event?

Good questions which caused me to pause and think. Honestly, it made me second guess myself — especially when it costs over $2,000 for a booth and giveaways; especially when I have to use vacation time from work to attend; especially as I’m standing there for several hours waiting for someone to stop and have a real conversation with me.

And then someone stops, and we have a real conversation.  A conversation about being a christian and being a dancer and is that possible?

Another conversation about being in the business as a software provider and feeling uncomfortable about being at this trade show and how good it is to see other christians there in the midst of this.

A conversation with a vendor who was raised Jewish but didn’t believe in much of anything, and then a move to Texas caused him to re-evaluate his life and become a christian.

And then watching people take pictures of our logo because it’s cool.

Owners and managers stop to tell me they have ladies’ groups come in to their clubs and provide food/gifts to their girls. I ask if this experience has been positive or negative. All stated it’s been a very positive experience. Shout out to all ministries going in to the clubs and leaving a good impression!

Another conversation with a man whose girlfriend is a former dancer who didn’t want to come to this event because of what he knew about the business but was there to help his dad who was a vendor. He thanked us for being there and for being a light and confirmation to him.

And the real reason why I do this?  A dancer takes her picture with me and the logo. We exchange phone numbers and continue to text each other two months later. I was back in Vegas a couple of weeks ago for business. I met her for lunch and got to know her better.

These are my whys.

My response now is without hesitation:  why wouldn’t we?