Worth it for One

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I started not to go to the clubs Tuesday night. I didn’t have a good excuse not to go. I was lazy and indifferent – which is odd because I had been praying about this night for several days. I decided being lazy wasn’t a good enough reason not to go. Plus, Veronica was there and ready to go. So we went.

First club, no conversations.

Second club…a girl on stage waves us over. She hugs us and asks us to wait until her dance is over because she wants us to pray for her. Of course we’ll wait!

Once she finished dancing, she came over, put her arms around us and told us she wants out of the business. She requested prayer for an interview she was having the next day at 4pm with a major department store. Veronica prayed that Angela (name changed) would have favor with her interviewer(s) and for finances to cover her bills until she gets a full-time paycheck. She hugged us and asked us again to be sure to pray for her Tuesday at 4pm for her. (Note:  We did and so did our friends. No, we haven’t heard from Angela yet.)

On to the third club, no conversations. Same at the modeling studio. No one came out to talk.

At the end of the night, we only had one real conversation. And it was worth it.