August 2011

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On Tuesday night, 8/16, we went to the strip clubs and took tote bags that were the actual gift to the girls. Each tote contained a card with a number to call for prayer, an encouraging scripture and chocolate candy.

Here are highlights:

  • One of the managers, I will call “W”, has a girlfriend who is pregnant. I noticed on one of his Facebook posts that the fetus had been diagnosed with spinal bifida, and he was crushed. We began praying. I saw a post a few days later where he “just happened” to run in to a man with spinal bifida who took the time to talk to W. His next post was “It’s going to be all right. This is a special baby who needs people like us to take care of him.” Very uplifting. When I saw him, I asked about the baby (who is still in the womb). He said the baby doesn’t have spinal bifida anymore. He saw the report with his own eyes. W was all smiles. I kept thanking God for the good report. W agreed with me. Go, God!
  • Two girls asked for prayer to get out of the business.
  • Anna has a friend who is pregnant and wants an abortion.
  • At one club, some team members walked in to the dressing room. One girl said, “Oh, it’s the prayer ladies.” Another girl said, “Do one for me!” So the team prayed with several girls in the dressing room.
  • We talked with a security guard who is attending seminary in Houston.
  • A house mom came outside and talked with Ineke. She told Ineke her mother makes clothes for the girls and comes to the clubs to talk to the girls about getting out of the business. This house mom told Ineke how important the scripture cards are that we put in the bags. She said she sees girls pulling the card out of their wallet or purse and looking at it. She told us to keep doing what we’re doing.
  • I prayed with an owner standing in the middle of his club. He’s going through chemo. If he doesn’t get a liver transplant in the next 8 months, he will die. He’s trying to sell his club. He’s willing to take a loss. He wants OUT. He said, “The devil is here. The devil is in this business. No other owner will tell you this, but I will. The devil is here.”

Please keep all of these people in your prayers. Some have faced or are facing dire circumstances.

Drenda and the JLD Team