Memorial Service (7/28/11)

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Burying a dancer is not what I signed up for 11 years ago. I prefer to offer hope, but things don’t always work out the way we want.

Amanda (dancer name: Jazzy) recently overdosed while 4 months pregnant. Her friend, Krista (who used to be in the same line of work), called and asked us to do a memorial service for Amanda. Krista wanted closure. We were humbled to be asked to do this for Krista and for Amanda. Amanda lived for a short while at the apartment complex where we minister to the kids so there was a double connection for us.

Jen spoke a few words, and Father Bill from Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Kingwood led the memorial service. Several residents turned out for the service. One person talked to Tammy and said she wanted to give God a chance in her life.

This is the 2nd memorial service we’ve done at this apartment complex. The other was related to a capital murder case. The residents of this complex see more “real life” than most. Please keep them in your prayers.

To all the dancers out there: ¬†We love you. More importantly, there’s a God who loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or what you’re doing now. He loves you. Just talk to Him. He will answer.