Last night (10/25/11)

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Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the dancers, customers, owners, managers, bartenders and d-jays. Each bag contained a glow-in-the-dark bracelet, an encouraging scripture and chocolate candy. Here are highlights and prayer requests:

  • Lalani’s nephew died in the Philippines
  • Haley needs to finish her LVN program and get licensed. Kirsten, one of the team members, is also in a nursing program so they were able to discuss the various programs/schools.
  • Marie asked for prayer for guidance because she is sick of working in the clubs.
  • Sarah asked for prayer regarding her relationship with her dad and having a softer heart.
  • G, the club owner needing a liver transplant, was looking good. He’s gained some weight. He started praying every night before he went to bed for his daughter. A week later he saw a difference in his daughter.
  • Shequel asked us to pray for commitment between her and her husband.
  • R has a kidney stone.
  • Pamela wants us to pray for guidance as to where she should live. Her boyfriend is kicking her out.
  • Jennifer asked prayer for her son, Joseph, who has been acting out.
These girls are no different than anyone on the team. We all face the same life issues and need help and wisdom to know what to do. We know the One who has all of the answers. We just keep pointing to Him.
Thanks for your prayers!