June 2011

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We took 170 gift bags containing travel cups, an encouraging scripture, a card with a number to call for prayer or other needs, and chocolate candy.  Highlights and prayer requests:

    • Lizette has a new baby.
    • Adelade has a tumor.
    • Kim and Amena want happiness in their lives.
    • Deejay looking for designer job.
    • A new girl in training brought in her niece and mother as a waitress.
    • Mimi’s father died & her mother filed for bankruptcy.
    • Sandra & Yvonne are sisters and requested prayer for their middle sister, Veronica, to make better choices.
    • Christy wants prayer for everything.
    • Olivia’s daughter & husband are traveling. Pray for their protection while they are on the road.
    • Milene requested prayer to understand why things are happening in her life.
    • Claristica had an illness that put her behind on bills & wants prayer that she can recover from her debt problems.
    • Jeremiah, 2 year old son of dancer, needs overall prayer.
    • Homie’s brother died. We’ve known Homie since the beginning of this ministry. He’s had a tough couple of years. His 20-year-old daughter committed suicide, and his wife left him.
    • Angel wants to find a good church.
    • Mylee wants understanding as to why things happen the way they do.
    • Elizabeth’s husband left and took everything out of the bank account so she had to get back in the business and now works 2 jobs.
    • Cassidy asked for prayer but for nothing specific.
    • The last time we saw¬†Natasha she asked for prayer to find a nursing program. She happily announced she is now enrolled in one, is taking online classes and doing volunteer work so she can get out of the business.
    • George, a club owner, found out he is cancer free. He’s believing that God is in control because he needs a kidney transplant in about 10 months. George is hoping to recover his investment in the club so he can get out. His daughter has 3 kids and is involved in ministry at Lakewood Church.
    • Alexia has stopped dancing and is waitressing. We’re trying to help her find a job, but she has 3 felony drug convictions.
    • Rosa’s daughters are missionaries in Columbia. She has a son who is 5 months old. Tammy remembered Rosa from a previous club Rosa worked at.We had a lot of good conversations and prayed with several girls.

Please pray for the girls and club owners when you think about it. We’re seeing them take baby steps towards getting out.

Drenda and The Team