Jan – April 2014 Highlights & Prayer Requests

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We’ve had a lot of good conversations in the clubs these past few months. At least two girls have found “real” jobs (as they put it). We are so proud of them!


Below are highlights and  prayer requests from the past several weeks:

  • Cash gave a homeless woman a gift bag. The woman was rather gruff with Cash. She walked off with the bag and looked inside. She came back to Cash and thanked her for the bag and had a much nicer attitude.
  • One lady said she had been working in the clubs for 27 years and wants to get out.
  • A girl told us, “The verse on that piece of paper hit me in the face. It was just what I needed!” We asked what it said. It was a scripture telling her not to be afraid because God was near.
  • We prayed with a club owner who was dealing with some personal issues.
  • A girl asked prayer for “peace and blessings.”
  • Brandy is addicted to painkillers and asked for prayer to help her get off them.
  • A male patron asked prayer for “new beginnings”.
  • Several girls have family members who are sick and/or have cancer
  • Many girls want prayer for protection.

Please keep these people in your prayers. Life in the clubs is not always as glamorous as the media wants us to believe it is. It can be dangerous for them at times.


Drenda and the JLD Team