Oct – Dec 2013 Prayer Requests

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Sometimes we see things we don’t want to see. With the “Three Foot Rule” going away, there’s a whole lot more up close and personal interactions on stage and in the chairs. It brings home the reality of this industry. Almost every girl has told us they want a job doing something else. We pray for God to open doors for them to have a job in which they don’t have to take off their clothes. They ask. We pray. We also have a network of people who are willing to help with resumes, interviewing skills, and business attire. We try to help in practical ways.


Here are prayer requests and/or highlights from the last few months:

  • We were able to go in a dressing room of a club and talk to the girls. We usually are asked to wait at the front and the girls come to us at this club.
  • Brittney is now waitressing instead of dancing. She plans to be totally out of the clubs in another month.
  • Jasmine is back working in a modeling studio because she needed “quick, easy money”.
  • Candy requested prayer for her dogs, family and workers.
  • Monroe’s grandmother has cancer.
  • Nidina said she came to the dressing room to pee and instead got a prayer. Said it was the best Christmas present she could get.
  • Lots of drama at one club which had the girls upset. We prayed for peace and calm to reign. The girls seemed to be slightly less agitated when we left.
  • Candy #2 got her own apartment and is feeling lonely. She wants to stand strong. Needs a support system.
  • Elizabeth is on probation. Wants another way to support her family.
  • Nikki, Mimi, Kayla & Young want general prayer.

Please forgive me for the late posts. I got lazy and didn’t post in a timely manner in 2013. I promise to do better in 2014. My word for 2014 is “Discipline”. I need to be more disciplined in my writing, food choices, finances, exercise and time alone with God. What’s your word for 2014?