2015 – May 2016 Highlights

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Even though I haven’t posted in a while due to website issues, we’ve never stopped going to the clubs. God continues to astound me with encouraging words from the girls like “you make our night”, “thank you for coming. you’ll never know how much it means to us.” The one statement that stopped me in my tracks & brought tears to my eyes was:  “If someone like you can come in here and love us, I know God loves us.”  What she didn’t know is that her statement has been my “goal” for this ministry for 15 years. If our going in there and giving them a hug makes them realize that God loves them, then we’ve done our part. He will do the rest.

He loves these girls (so do we) and wants them to know people care about them and are praying for them.  Here are some prayer requests:

  • Karen’s family is buying a house;
  • Prayers for children & family;
  • Adrianne requested prayer for her husband and that God would provide for their needs;
  • Helen, Stephanie. Angela- protection/guidance;
  • Elizabeth- new job;
  • Natalie is getting her teaching certificate at the end of this year & hopes to get her own classroom/full time job so that she will only have the teaching job;
  • A girl with a 3 month baby who said she has strayed away from church/family asks for prayer for peace;
  • Monroe is grateful her mother/stepfather are getting a divorce. She wants to be a good step sister to her brother;
  • Debbie’s allergies were bothering her;
  • Raven felt someone was wishing bad stuff on her so we prayed against that;
  • Door Girl gave us money out of her tip jar. We tried to refuse, but she insisted. She wanted to show her appreciation for what we do;
  • Tiara was with a customer when she received a bag. She stopped talking to him to read the scripture in the bag;
  • Paris, Novella and Jordan want a new place to live;
  • Katya and Dora wanted general prayer;
  • Keisha asked prayer to break soul ties (yes, she used those words);
  • Maria requested prayer for co-workers;
  • Bartender is seeking a job outside of this industry. Wants a “real” job.;
  • One dancer is now waitressing & no longer dancing;
  • Nidia came in to the dressing room “to pee and got a prayer”. Said it was the best Christmas present;
  • Several girls said they want out of the clubs and a couple asked where they could go to church. We gave them the names of churches we trust in their area.

Thanks for praying for these girls & guys and for us!