June/July prayer requests

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Below are prayer requests from the strip clubs:

  • Marie’s daughter lost the baby, and Marie is heartbroken.
  • Leti wants prayer for her family & health
  • Mariah wants to get out of the business. She’s been in the industry for 19 years.
  • Elizabeth is looking for a church to get involved with.
  • Sasha & Megan want to get out of the business.
  • Tanya wants a real job
  • Allure received a medical report in the mail and was terrified to open it. The team prayed for her to have peace.
  • Day asked for prayers for safety, guidance and protection for her & her sons.
  • Tara wants to get out of the business and pass her nursing license test.
  • Rocky wants a new job.
  • Courtney & Rosie asked for prayers for finances.
  • Natalie’s baby daddy died and she’s trying to finish school.
  • Sarah’s father died.
  • Sonja, Taylor and Lee – finances & family
  • Sonja also wanted prayer for her fiancée.
  • Lee wants prayer for her relationship with her mom & daughter, a new job & finding her path.
  • Scarlett had been working in the club a week and wants prayer for her mother’s kidney failureCandy – family & health issues