The Past Three Months…

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We’ve been in the clubs the past three months, but I’ve failed to post updates. Lots of good conversations and requests for prayer. Here are highlights:

  • As I walked out of the dressing room and back through the clubs, I saw a dancer sitting on the stage reading the scripture card. She looked up at me and smiled and said, “Thank you.”
  • One dancer asked us to come during the day because she said “those girls need to meet you.”
  • Several dancers told us we make their day when we come in.
  • Marie’s daughter is pregnant. She asked us to pray for healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. She showed us the ultrasound picture.
  • George is at the top of the liver transplant list. We are praying he receives one quickly, and there would be no complications.
  • We prayed for Treatise’s swollen leg. She is a cook at one of the clubs.
  • Several girls asked for prayers for strength.
  • Pray for Raniqua’s family.
  • Percy’s son is up for parole. Percy said he thinks his son has learned his lesson.
  • Percy’s granddaughter needs prayer for traumatic events she experienced.
  • Kate’s son, Esteban, is 1 year old and needs prayer.
  • Iris wants prayer for her 5 kids. Her sister, Amber, is on drugs. Her friend had surgery.
  • Danika wanted general prayer.
  • Nunu is pregnant. She wants to stop dancing and have a healthy pregnancy. She has trained to be a dental assistant. We are also praying for doors to open in the dental field for her.
  • Mercedes has a lot of personal issues and is under stress. She said her co-workers are bringing her down. Sometimes she goes to church with her aunt. She asked for prayers for less stress.
  • One of the door girls has worked every day since September. She wants a day off.
  • Several girls asked for a good church to attend. We referred them to churches we know close to where they live.
  • Several customers stopped watching the girl on stage to watch the team move around the club and talk to the girls.
  • Kitty’s daughter is 8 years old and lives in Ohio. Kitty is living in the modeling studio where she works. She doesn’t like church and says she and God are okay.
  • Several clubs don’t have working air conditioners, and it is miserable inside — especially in the dressing rooms.
  • Zahira wants a house. She has 2 sons.
  • Stormy said she has bad spirits around her. She is a licensed cosmetologist. She wants to be rid of the bad spirits.
  • Sarah wants stability in her life.
  • Marie prayed for Veronica.
  • Praise Report: a djay’s girlfriend quit working the clubs.
  • Andi asked for prayer for her 2 year old daughter, Masiah.
  • Rose and Mia need strength. They didn’t want to cry in front of the other girls.
  • One girl had been up since 6am interviewing all morning. “I don’t want to do this all of my life.” She was soft spoken and articulate. We are praying doors will open for her. She also requested prayer for her mother who has high blood pressure.
  • Platinum wants prayer for strength. Her baby daddy took her kids at Christmas. He has a bad rap sheet. She asked us to pray for her children’s safety. She’s trying to get the kids back. She has her LVN and wants to work towards becoming a RN.
  • Stallion’s car broke down.
  • Peanut Butter’s son, Elijah (13 yrs old), “is bad”. She wants prayers for him.
  • Justin is addicted to heroin. His ex-girlfriend wants prayers for him.
  • Jennifer needs a new job. She has 3 kids and wants to go back to school.
  • Sapphire’s mom was recently released from prison and needs a job.
  • Mrs. Garcia wants prayer for Anna & Edgar.
  • Jennifer had a pending court date for Public Intoxication and was a passenger in a car in which marijuana was found.
  • Embarrassed patron stared straight ahead while the girl he was talking to was getting a bag.
  • Savannah is trained as a phlebotomist. She has a pending DUI in Chicago.
  • D has been sober for a month.
  • Stephanie and her daughter need prayer. Stephanie is struggling with addictions.


Jasmine said she wanted out of the business. We met her and her niece and gave her various contacts who were willing to help her find another job. We were disappointed to see her the next month back in the same place she swore she wouldn’t go back to. One step forward, two steps back. We told her we still love her and encouraged her to keep looking for other jobs in which she doesn’t need to take off her clothes.


R was water baptized earlier this month. My family and I got to be there. We prayed for years for this day. Don’t ever give up. He who began a good work WILL complete it.


 Thank you for your prayers and support!

Drenda and the JLD Team