Why Do You Do This?

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We walked in to a club this past Tuesday night, and two pretty, young dancers were seated at the bar and were obviously new to this club. One girl kept asking, “Why do you do this?” Our answers didn’t seem to be the answers she wanted, and the conversation was interrupted by her having to go on stage to dance. She asked Veronica to meet her after she got off stage. Veronica did. We’ll call this girl “Chelsea” to protect her identity.


Chelsea and Veronica sat in a booth off to the side, and Chelsea continued to ask, “Why do you do this? Do you think I’m a bad person because I do this?”


“Of course we don’t think that. You are precious.” Veronica responds.


“This job is a blessing for me and my kid. I’m able to put him in a private, Christian day care/school. I’m a Christian.”


“That’s great. I’m glad you’e doing things to help grow your son in to a fine, young man.”


Chelsea continued holding on to Veronica’s arm with great intensity and pleading for an answer to the question, “Why do you do this?”

Veronica kept telling her it’s because we care about the girls and want them to know someone is praying for them, and there’s a God who loves them no matter what, and there’s a way out if they want to take it. None of that appeased Chelsea, but Chelsea allowed Veronica to pray with her before leaving.


Veronica was a little down as we rode home that night because she wasn’t able to articulate the “why” behind what we do. I know the feeling. It’s not easy to explain why we do what we do.


I could use scripture and say “because Christ loves compels me”, but what does that really mean – especially to someone who doesn’t speak the Christian lingo? I’m not referring to Chelsea at this point. I’m talking in general.


The answer crystallized in my head last night while I was reading Bob Goff’s book “Love Does”.  That’s the answer:  love does. When you love, you do. When you love someone, you will do anything for them. When you love God, you will do anything for Him – including going in to dark places to give someone a gift with no strings attached, a smile and a kind word. Love gives. Love does.


I know this answer will still not make sense to someone who doesn’t understand that type of love yet, but maybe as we live it out in the dark places, there will be enough light for their next step.


Highlights from our last 3 trips to the clubs:
  • Angie wants prayer for protection. She’s not sure she will make it another month. She wanted a fast prayer because she was next up on stage. She said she appreciates what we do.
  • Sapphire’s boyfriend says what we do means a lot to his girlfriend and the other girls.
  • Dominique and Brittney are struggling with school and working.
  • Christina is getting married in June and will stop dancing then.
  • Jenny wants general prayer.
  • Janette wants prayer for her family.
  • Marie asked prayer for her future husband.
  • Rebekeh wants a new house.
  • George is on the waiting list for a liver transplant. He’s still trying to sell the club.
  • Courtney is fighting for custody of her kids. She quit dancing two months ago and is waitressing now. She says the tips are better.
  • Valerie’s mother is moving here. She has lung cancer.
  • Tamika, Shayla and Tyra want general prayer.

Thanks for keeping these ladies and men in your thoughts and prayers. They are precious to us and to God.