Five Angels Came to See Me Tonight

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We’ve been in the strip clubs the past two Tuesday nights handing out gift bags. Each gift bag contained a colorful, stretchy headband, an encouraging scripture, a number to call for prayer, and chocolate candy. Below are highlights and prayer requests:

  • Bunny told us about a shooting that happened in the parking lot of the club. She wanted prayer for protection and wants to come to church.
  • Wes, a djay, needs prayer for his 9 month old son, Jacob, who has spina bifida, and they don’t have insurance. His soon-to-be-wife is expecting a baby next month. We will be supplying them with diapers.
  • About three months ago we brought baby gifts for a door girl who was having a baby. We ran in to her as we were leaving the club. Her husband dropped her off, and we just missed seeing the baby. She said he’s doing great and thanked us for the diaper bag and gifts. She’s waitressing now.
  • Haley, Bree and Ashley asked for general prayer. 
  • Several people asked why we do what we do.  (In a non-churchy/non-theological way, we explain the love of Christ compels us.)
  • Veronica asked a couple of girls if they needed prayer. One said, “No.” The other one said, “I do.” The first one gave her The Look so she decided she didn’t want prayer. Veronica told her she would be praying for her.
  • A deejay announced our presence in the club over the speaker and asked where his bag was. He got his bag. I’m always amazed at the number of men who want a bag.
  •  A girl asked if she could have a bag even though she’s Jewish. Yes, it doesn’t matter that you’re Jewish.
  • A door girl thanked us for coming and said the girls get sad if we leave and they are in another part of the club and don’t get a bag. We left several bags for her to hand out in case we missed someone. She also told Julie, “Y’all are BADASS!”  She showed Julie the scripture verses (from our bags) pinned on the wall above the cash register. Julie told her, “YOU are badass!”
  • One security guard at an after hours game room that is located next to a club told us, “Those girls are trash.” Krizzia, a first time team member, said, “No, they are human beings.” He didn’t like her response, but he apologized.
  • Another security guard said he is looking for a church. We referred him to Kingdom Worship Center which is close to where he lives.
  • Two girls in the cage stopped dancing to get the gift bags.
  • One tall girl came running up saying, “You are here!” and grabbed Julie in a big, bear hug.
  • Candy, who works in a massage parlor, said, “Five angels came to see me tonight.” We prayed with her for her protection and for finances.
  • Presley and Bailey asked for prayer for safety.

We had a couple of firsts tonight:

  • When we entered one club, the door girl said, “Okay, hold on. Do you know what kind of establishment you’re in?”  We laughed. Yes, we do. That’s why we’re here.
  • We were carded for the first time in twelve years at this same club. Unfortunately, he was looking past me at our two newest members who are of legal age but look younger. It was his first time to see us in this club, but he was familiar with the ministry. He told us he appreciates what we do. Initially, he said he would escort us to the dressing room. He later told us we could go anywhere in the club.

We were able to chat for awhile with people we previously haven’t had the privilege of talking with because they were too busy. It’s nice getting to know them on a deeper level.


One of the coolest things that happened last week was when we were in the dressing room, and a dancer came up to me holding her bag and said, “I didn’t get a piece of paper with a verse on it. I want my verse. Can I get another bag with a verse in it?”  Of course!


Please keep all of these people in your prayers. They are good people just trying to find their way….


Drenda and the PTD Team