Get Me a Knife

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Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the girls (& guys). Each bag contained a headband, an encouraging scripture, a number to call for prayer and chocolate candy. We haven’t been able to go lately due to weather or team member schedules. It was great to be in the clubs again.


The first club was busier than usual and had several new girls. There was a group of men standing at the bar talking to a girl. When I walked up, the men started talking to me.  As their talk became racier, the bartender yelled at them, “Leave them alone! They are The Church Ladies!” One guy said, “You aren’t church ladies. Church ladies wouldn’t come in here.” 

“Yes, we actually are The Church Ladies.”

“No way!”

 “Yes, we are. Look in the bag.”

“What are you doing in here?”

“We give gifts to the girls to let them know we love them and are praying for them.”  Stunned silence.

More highlights and prayer requests:

  • Veronica got to see Marie. Marie is doing well, but was busy playing a video game. As Veronica started to walk off, Marie asked her why she was leaving because they needed to pray. Marie wanted prayer for herself, Damon and then she said she wanted to pray for Veronica and Veronica’s family.
  • Marie is still talking to her old friend, Damon, who came back in to her life shortly after we met her. She hasn’t seen him in person yet. They correspond via phone, text & email. We’re praying he is a good influence in her life.
  • I handed a bag to a girl who asked who we were and how much the bags costs. They’re free. She asked why. Because we love each of the girls and are praying for them. She grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go. I need prayer right now.” April took me to a private area at the front of the club and told me she is homeless and is drinking too much. I prayed with her about her situation and then we talked a little bit about what’s going on in her life. She has a place to stay for the next couple of weeks.  April said she’s going through a divorce, and that’s why she’s homeless and drinking, however, she later told me she was 33 and had never been married nor did she have kids.  April said her family wants nothing to do with her because she’s “evil”. She said she prefers to think of herself as “wild”. I gave her a couple of numbers to call for help.
  • Many of the girls thanked us for what we’re doing.
  • Several girls wanted “general” prayer.
  • The doctors are still monitoring the tumors on George’s liver. He mentioned again that he wants to sell the club because it’s not a place any decent person should be. We’re still believing for George’s complete healing and a buyer for his property.
  • Sarah, George’s daughter, hugged me and thanked us for coming and said she appreciates everything we do.
  • One of the clubs we visit closed down this past Sunday due to a freeway expansion. The owner has another club. We may add it to our list…

While I was talking to George in his office, Veronica was in the dressing room talking to some girls. One girl asked for prayer, bowed her head, acted like she was crying and then looked over at her friend and said, “Do you have a knife?”  Not exactly the words Veronica was expecting to hear. The friend asked if she was going to kill herself. Knife Girl said she wanted the knife for “a fashion alteration”. And that’s why we pray for protection before we go out. 🙂


As always, we appreciate your prayers and donations. It takes a village….


Drenda and the Team