It’s Been Way Too Long

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I can’t believe I let more than a month go by without posting highlights. Shame on me!

We’ve been in the clubs almost every week since the last post giving out some really cute gifts. In September, we handed out canvas totes that were given to us by Mark Palmer of Home of Hope. What a blessing!  The canvas totes were a HUGE hit. Thank you Mark and Home of Hope!


A highlight from September:

One night Julie and Veronica were approached by a young lady named Athena (she gave permission to use her name & to tell this story). She took them back to the office and told them what she’s been going through the past several weeks/months. She was jumpy but didn’t appear to be on anything. Athena told J&V she thought she was demon possessed because she couldn’t sleep and had a dark cloud around her all of the time. Her dad is a pastor, and she was trying to remember the scriptures about rebuking the devil. Veronica told her to keep telling the devil he has no authority in her life because God is bigger, and He will take care of Athena. God wins.  Athena said she could hear the devil laughing at them right then. Julie told her it was okay because they were going to pray. While they were praying, Athena began to relax. After they prayed, Athena felt better and told J&V she had prayed the night before that we would come in this night. She said, “I told God last night I needed to talk to you, and here you are!” Athena emailed us a few days later and said she was sleeping much better and thanked us for praying. Yay, God!


Below are prayer requests:

  • Jeanette and Evette want prayers for their families
  • Several ladies requested prayer for safety
  • Prayers for kids starting school
  • Shelley needs a place to live
  • Leyla wants new opportunities
  • Several ladies are fighting for custody of their children
  • George’s dad died
  • Jasmine is back on pills again
  • Juanita wants prayer for her life because it is all “f”d up”
  • Saphire’s mom is in prison & needs prayer. Saphire & her grandmother need prayer


We are happy to report one of the bouncers is out of the business. He got a job with an oil company and now has benefits.


We were unable to go to the clubs last night due to the rain, but we will be back out next week.


Drenda and the Team