Mother’s Day

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In May we celebrated Mother’s Day in the clubs by taking drawstring backpacks with the Jesus Loves Dancers logo printed on them. The bags came in purple, pink or black. Each backpack contained an encouraging scripture, a number to call for prayer/assistance and chocolate candy. Here are highlights:

  • Marie is not drinking as much since Veronica prayed with her on the stage. Marie calls Veronica her “angel” and says she is growing in her faith and has re-connected with an old friend who is a Christian.
  • One girl’s tooth was hurting. She said she was thinking earlier that morning that she wished we would come in that night.
  • A patron approached one of the team members and said, “Hey, this lady says you guys pray. Come over here. I want prayer for my family.” The team prayed with him.
  • Bridget was going “on the highway” and asked for prayer for safe travels.
  • Reuben asked for prayer because he drinks too much. He said he needed to go home to do homework with his son. He’d been at the club for more than 4 hours.
  • Milan, 7 months old, needs general prayer.
  • Sarah is back dancing.
  • A dancer wants one of our logo to-shirts because she wants to make it her Facebook profile picture.
  • Samantha was on stage dancing and asked us to wait until she finished. She has gallstones and needs surgery but doesn’t have insurance or the money for surgery. Samantha said there’s a guy who stands across the street with a bullhorn and yells that God is going to smite them. She said we are different from him.
  • When Kate handed one of the girls a t-shirt, I heard a commotion and thought the girl was unhappy. I heard “What is this?” And then I heard a squeal and knew everything was okay. She said, “I’ve met you before. I was drunk. I want a pink one. You are the f***ing sh*t. I love you guys!”
  • One girl said “there are no walls between us.”
  • Another girl said, “You guys make me want to do better. I used to be a dancer. Now I’m a waitress.” We told her “baby steps”. She smiled.
  • One dancer is a former preschool teacher.
  • Several girls told us “it’s really cool what you do.”
  • One girl said, “It makes my night when you come in.”
  • We witnessed a fight in the dressing room between dancers. Another dancer apologized to us and moved us away from the area.
  • One dancer is a certified phlebotomist and wants a job in the medical field. She’s tired of dancing.
  • Raven was grateful for the gift and said, “It’s nice to know someone gives a sh*t.” Her significant other is trying to get her a job selling cars. She’s an EMT and has 4 years military experience. She made $80 in 12 hours that day.
  • Sunflower asked for prayer for finances and protection.
  • King’s 4 year old son has asthma.
  • One dancer doesn’t have papers so she feels she can’t do anything else.
  • Another girl wanted us to pray that she would get new friends who aren’t dancers.
  • Sadie wants general prayer.
  • Shelly’s car blew a rod so she can’t leave the building to get something to eat. Her 17 yr old daughter needs prayer.
  • Cage wants prayer.
  • Summer said she doesn’t need prayer because she prays all the time.
  • Holly & Leah want out. One said, “I’m struggling, and I know she is, too.”
  • Alma received her GED and is meeting with her advisor. Her 16 year old daughter is mad at God right now because her dad is in jail. He found God while in jail and needs to follow-through on that commitment. Alma’s 14 year old son is on anti-depressants.
  • One of the patrons said he hadn’t seen his mother in 20 years until recently when she showed up for his brother’s funeral. He said she’s “a big Christian”, but he needs to see something before he will believe in it.
  • Natasha said she is “a Level 3 back slider.” She has our scriptures taped to the inside of her locker. When the team started to pray for her, she asked that they use her real name and not her dancer name.
  • Chris’ wife left him. She was a dancer. He was asking lots of questions about the ministry. Said he’s raising their 4 year old son, Matthew, alone. He never thought he’d be in this situation.
  • One girl mocked the logo by saying, “Jesus loves me. Baloney!”

Lots of raw emotion in May. I love the honesty. Please pray for these men and women when you think about it.

Drenda and the team