Got to Make the Bunnies…

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During the month of April, we took gift bags to the strip clubs every Tuesday night. Each bag contained a homemade bunny, plastic egg with an encouraging scripture inside, an invitation to church, a number to call for prayer and chocolate candy.


Below are pictures of the bunnies. The first 40 were fun to make. The last 100+….not so much. Most of you know I am NOT a crafts kind of girl so this was a stretch for me — and this was my idea. What was I thinking? The girls liked them so it was worth the effort. 


We met a dancer who is planning to be out of the business by the end of this month. She’s moving to the Baytown area. I told her about my awesome friend, Uncle Dave, who pastors a church nearby called White Horse Revival Church. It’s a church full of bikers, ex-cons, former addicts and others who feel at home in his church. She had been out of the business for awhile, but recently got divorced and to support herself and her 2 kids, she went back to dancing, but she’s getting out soon.


Nellie, whom we met last year, was deported in January. She & the deejay at the club where we met her were married in March in her country. He’s back at work trying to get Nellie here legally. He said they both believe her deportation was God’s way of getting her out of the business. While they were in her country, they went to church together. Both are trying to make God the #1 priority in their lives.

Prayer requests from the various people we talked with:

  • Hyde’s court date was moved. She wants her man removed from their house.
  • The anniversary of Maria’s brother’s death was this month. She wants peace about this.
  • Menage wants her daughter, Coya, to be healthy.
  • Hazel gave up her baby for adoption and hopes he has a good home and life.
  • One girl wants to get pregnant because she sees this as her way out of the business.
  • Alley just got her GED. She’s a former dancer and wants to be a teacher.
  • Butterfly has 3 kids and wants general prayer.
  • George’s bone marrow check up came out clean. No cancer. None in his kidneys either. He thanked us for prayer. Way to go, God!
  • George’s daughter, Sarah, came up and hugged me and thanked us for praying for her and for her dad.
  • Deborah asked for prayer for her family.
  • Summer said she might pop in to church some time.
  • Melyn is a waitress and is looking for an office job.
  • Darby’s mom broke her foot and is unemployed. Her mom lives in Delaware.
  • Alex asked us to pray that her dad won’t give them too much trouble.
  • Ashley wants to get custody of her kids back.
  • Candy wants prayer for her and her dogs.

Next month we will have a really cool gift. And it won’t be hand made. 🙂