March 13th & 20th

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On both of these nights we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags containing candles, an encouraging scripture, an invitation to church, a number to call for prayer and chocolate candy. Here are highlights:

  • Britney asked for prayer but wouldn’t say why because she “was afraid she would cry.” She said she was taking the gift bag with her to Florida for spring break.
  • Austie wants prayer so that she can get along with her mom and 2 kids.
  • Sapphire had a 2nd tubal pregnancy.  The doctors told her she can never have children. She wants kids.
  • Jessica said she had a “dumb prayer”. She wants a new car. Not a dumb prayer. God cares about every aspect of our lives. She’s been dancing since she was 19. She’s now 25.
  • One girl said she hopes to “hang up her shoes” one day soon.
  • Ana was sick and still working.
  • Doni says she prays about the same thing over & over & didn’t want to waste our time.
  • Elvie said she prays to The Reaper who will come for all of us one day. Jessica prayed that God would make every day beautiful for her until that happens.
  • A girl who asked for “general” prayer a few weeks ago said the very next morning, her sister had a stroke due to a blood clot. The doctors also found a hole in the sister’s heart. She thanked us for praying because her sister is doing fine.
  • London said, “Pray for me!” She wants God to watch out for her.
  • Jasmine is from another country and asked if God can hear her thoughts/prayers if she only thinks them. Her mom tells her God can only hear our prayers if they are said out loud or otherwise “they aren’t real”.
  • A bartender told us many of the girls in the new club don’t get checks because there isn’t any business. She said, “You are a blessing to us.”
  • One girl was doing a lap dance and asked for a bag. Veronica told her to come and get it. The girl stopped the lap dance and came over to get a bag.
  • At one club, we started praying with one girl. Then another girl joined. Then another joined.

As you can see, dancers are no different than anyone else. We all have questions, deal with sickness and have unmet desires. Please keep these ladies in your prayers.

Drenda and the PTD team