Highlights from our last 2 trips to the clubs

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A week ago Tuesday (2/28) we went to the clubs and gave Valentine gift bags to the girls. Here are highlights:

  • Kathy just started. Not happy about what she’s doing, At a crossroads. Just got her first apartment and needs money.
  • A father and son were at one of the clubs.
  • Found a new club to visit. Very open to us. Manager knew us from another club. Told us we were welcome any time.
  • Girl sitting on the lap of a guy was reading the scripture verse to him.
  • Jessica was talking to a girl. Someone told the girl she had a phone call to get her away from Jess. The girl came over later and said her mother would be proud of us for what we’re doing because her mom is religious. She took a pic of the scripture verse and texted it to her mother.
This past Tuesday (3/6) we went to the clubs and took gift bags to the girls. Each bag contained a cucumber & melon candle, an invitation to church, an encouraging scripture, a compact mirror and chocolate candy. Highlights:
  • Marie and Damon asked for prayer for their souls and Marie’s 20 year old kids.
  • Veronica asked a girl on stage (no customers) how she was doing. The girl hesitated and then said, “I’m okay.” “You don’t sound okay. Can I pray with you?” “Yes!” The girl grabbed Veronica’s hand and sat down on the stage and told Veronica “go ahead & pray.” She told Veronica she’d been doing this too long. Veronica prayed that God would show her a new way. The girl called Veronica her “angel”.
  • One girl was looking at her scripture and started digging through the bag looking for more scriptures. Veronica pulled scriptures from other bags and gave them to her and told her “God is with you.”
  • Several girls in the dressing room were trading scriptures. One said, “I want your scripture because it pertains to what I’m going through.”
  • George has a 2nd tumor. He kept telling us “God has a purpose for everything that happens in our lives.”
  • Vanity asked prayer for “strength”. Said she is on the fence and has feet in both pools. Normally, she is at Bible Study on Tuesdays. She saidwe became her Bible Study.
  • Prayed with Janet for her high blood pressure, anxiety and stress.
  • At one club the girls were talking to all of us. Guys were just sitting there not talking to anyone.
  • Nadia kept talking about the tribulation and end times. She saw something on Daystar tv at 2 a.m., and it seemed to be troubling her. She goes to Lakewood.
  • Bryn has 4 kids. This was her first night back.
  • A team member is a former dancer and recognized the voice of a guy in one of the clubs. Turns out he used to deejay where she danced. She got out. He’s still there. He bragged about how he got a girl to quit and who is now living with him.
  • A waitress asked us about the Loft. She liked the idea of “come as you are”.
  • A guy told a team member “These girls have kids and do it to keep a roof over their heads.” The team member responded,”We’re here to tell them Jesus hasn’t forgotten about them and doesn’t hate them.”
  • A guy saw us coming from the church van and asked “Why?” A team member responded, “If you won’t come to church, we’ll come to you.” The guy responded, “That’s nice.”
One of the funniest things that happened:
Valet/bouncer standing outside club door talking to a guy. As Terence walks up to them, he hears the following conversation:
“Who are those ladies?”
“They’re cool. They’re the Church Ladies.”
“Oh, you mean they’re religious.”
“No. They’re nice. They come in to say ‘Jesus loves strippers.'”
“They’re just being religious.”
“No, man. You need to hear them. They’ll tell you Jesus loves dope dealers like you, too.”


Please continue praying for the people we encounter each week in the clubs.