Tuesday Night (2/21/12)

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This is Valentine’s month, and we are taking gift bags to the clubs every week instead of once a month for the next 8 weeks. The gift bags for February all contain the same thing:  stuffed animal, candy, encouraging scripture, and a number to call for prayer.

It was a really fun night. Here are highlights:

  • The college team was excited to get kicked out of their first strip club. This is a club where the owner allows us in, but one of the managers likes to throw his weight around when the owner isn’t there. He politely asked us to leave because we were “scaring the customers.” Funny how young women carry gift bags containing stuffed animals scare grown men the size of football players. We left without making a commotion. We had already handed out all of the gift bags at that point anyway.
  • A customer hugged several team members and said the girls really appreciate what we do. The team asked him if he needed prayer for anything. I think he was surprised by the question. As it turns out, his daughter is bi-polar and his baby momma recently had two strokes. He wants prayer for both of these women.
  • We hadn’t been to one of the modeling studios in a while. One of the models said, “We thought you didn’t love us anymore. You haven’t been here in so long.” We assured her we still love her. Veronica asked her if we could give her a hug. Sure!  Hugs all around. Such a sweet lady. Older than most in this business.
  • Shelley asked for “general prayer”.
  • Candy wants prayer.
  • Marcelle has 4 kids & asked for prayer that they would all be healthy.
  • Courtney asked for prayer for her son, Cameron, who is having discipline problems.
  • Veronica blew a kiss to a lady on a pole. The lady stopped dancing and came over and talked to Veronica. She requested prayer for her son, Maddox, to be healthy and happy.
  • Bristol was sitting with a guy when she was handed a bag. She was very excited about the gift since she didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day because she doesn’t have a boyfriend.
  • One of the dancers sitting at a table asked who we were. Kate responded, “I’m just a random person wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day.” Another girl hugged her and said she was happy we were there.

Please keep these ladies in your prayers. They are very special.

Drenda and the Team