Last night (5/10/2011)

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Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the girls. Each bag contained an ankle bracelet, an encouraging scripture, a number to call and chocolate candy. Thanks to Vicky G. and her small group for the scripture cards! We took 170 bags and gave all of them away.

It was an awesome night. With the time change, it is still light out when we get to some of the clubs so they aren’t always as busy — which gives us more time to talk. Here are highlights:

  • Courtney showed us her tattoos on both wrists. The tattoos are Chinese for “love God” and “Pray”. She said she is new to the area and has been working for 2 weeks in the club. She wants to find a church close to the club. If Courtney calls, we will point her to a couple of good churches in that area.
  • Chris said all charges had been dropped against Kevin (our favorite FORMER manager). He said he likes it because prayers even get answered in the clubs. 🙂
  • Norma spoke to a girl who said it was her first night and seemed pretty overwhelmed. She has 4 kids. She asked Norma why do we do this. Norma said, “To show the love of God to you and let you know we love you, too.” 
  • A manager’s girlfriend had an ultrasound, and they are having a boy. The ultrasound showed the baby is healthy. We’ve been praying over this pregnancy. The last time we spoke to the manager, he was concerned she was going to miscarry.
  • Stacy asked Diamond if she had anything she wanted us to pray about. She said, ”No. I prayed for my grandmother to get out of the hospital, and it worked. I prayed for my mom to have a safe flight home, and it worked.” Stacy said, “That’s great. Prayer does work.” Diamond responded, “Oh, okay, say a prayer for me.” As Stacy started her prayer with “Father…”, Diamond interrupted and said, “Forgive me my sins.” Stacy told her when we ask for forgiveness, God forgives us right then. Diamond smiled.
  • Erotic said, “You watch and remember this place because I will overcome. You remember that because it will happen.” We agreed with her and said we would remember her.
  • Nikki asked prayer for protection.
  • Stacy walked up to a girl and said “hi”. The girl immediately began quoting the 23rd Psalm. When she got to “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”, she began to tear up (as did Stacy). It was very touching and clear she meant it. As she hugged Stacy, she whispered in Stacy’s ear, “In 4 weeks I get to go home. I’m leaving and going home! I’m out of here!” More tears. 🙂
  • One girl said when she was on her way to work, she saw some women holding signs on the side of the road. The signs said “Jesus is returning soon.” When she was asked what she thought about it, she said “I believe it. I felt like I was hit in the gut. I know it’s true because so many bad things are happening.” Stacy told her God is coming back, but it’s not because He is mad at us, but because He loves us and wants us to be with him.” The girl said she was glad about that.
  • Emily asked prayer for her 3-year daughter who is having another kidney surgery.
  • Lisa has 5 kids, and her husband lost his job. She requested prayer for both of them to find better jobs.
  • Natasha asked for prayer to get in to a good nursing school.
  • Savannah wants prayer for her finances.
  • Sonya’s friend, Tammy, is in ICU.
  • Tom, a customer, lost his mother on Mother’s Day
  • Shay asked for a better life, better job and safe travels on her weekend trip.
  • Alexia wants to get and stay sober.
  • Danielle wants to be reunited with her husband. They have been separated for 7 months and have a daughter together.
  • Jade wants to get her life straight.
  • Brittany’s mother, Cathy, was traveling to a family friend’s funeral.

As you can see, lots of great conversations and lots of needs. One of the dancers called our hotline and requested food. I gave her some numbers to local food pantries in her area. I asked her if she was interested in getting a job in a different line of work. She said she was, but she has 3 felony drug convictions so it’s hard to find someone willing to hire her. She was a physical therapy aide in the past. If you know of any Houston businesses who might be willing to offer this girl a job, please email me at [email protected].

AND there’s a club that we recently added that has been reluctant to let us go beyond the front door. I’m sure you remember “Mr. Friendly” and the owner’s daughter whom I’ve blogged about in the past. Anyway, when we were at this club in March, we spoke to the owner, and he called the girls to the door. This time the manager was standing outside when we walked up. He said, “Come right on in.” wooohooo!  Go, God!!!!

I’m still amazed we get in to the clubs at all. We have great relationships with many of the managers, owners and bartenders (& FORMER deejays). Who would ever think that many of these people greet us with hugs and seem genuinely happy to see us. Only God…

Please say a prayer for these girls when you think about it. If we don’t love them and pray for them, who will? A few girls have families (or at least a mother or grandmother) who are praying for them, but many of these girls have broken relationships with their families. We stand in the gap for them.

Drenda and the PTD team