Last night (3/15/11)

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Last night we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags to the girls. Each bag contained body spray, encouraging reading material and scripture, a number to call for help/prayer and chocolate candy. We went to some new clubs, saw some girls we knew from other clubs and met new owners and managers. The owners said we were welcome in their club any time. Go, God! Below are more highlights and prayer requests:

  • A manager’s nephew’s friend, Corbin, was hurt in a 4-wheeler accident and life-flighted to the med center. Please pray for Corbin and his family and friends. Corbin is 12.
  • We saw our friend, Chris, who had made brisket for the club. We shared a plate. It was DELICIOUS. If Chris is cooking, I’m eatin’.
  • We prayed with a girl at a modeling studio.
  • A man at one of the new clubs recognized us from the apartment complex where we have a ministry to the residents. The owner of the apartment complex is a part-owner of this strip club that opened 3 weeks ago.
  • One manager requested prayer to get out of the business.

We had a lot of fun and good conversations. Please pray for our friends in the clubs when you get a chance.