Last night (2/7/2012)

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Tuesday night, 2/7, we went to the strip clubs and took Valentine’s gift bags to the girls. Each bag contained a stuffed bear, an encouraging scripture, Valentine candy, and chocolate candy. This night was different because it was the start of Give 8 – 8 weeks of risk-taking, front lines mission work with the young adult ministry of The Woodlands United Methodist Church. This is a first for JesusLovesDancers. We’ve never been in the clubs every week. We are visiting a few clubs every week so as not to wear out our welcome.

Highlights/Prayer Requests:

  • Kimberly wanted prayer for her daughter Kaitlyn “right now” so we prayed right then.
  • Platinum’s daughter, Kaylyn, is having GI problems and has HSP (Henoch-Schonlein Purpura).
  • Danielle and her husband are having problems.
  • One girl told Anda the bags mean so much to them and gave Anda a big hug.
  • George asked prayer for his daughter, Sarah.
  • One of the managers who usually works days was celebrating his birthday. He asked if he could get on “the party bus” with us. We were in a shuttle bus with the church name/ Trial Erection packs 3I think we need to wrap the church shuttle with the JesusLovesDancers’ logo!

We were in the clubs in January and took gift bags containing a calendar and a compact mirror, an encouraging scripture, a number to call for help and chocolate candy. Here are prayer requests:

  • Felicia wants “restoration” in her life.
  • One of the managers is OUT of the business. Go, God! He needs to find a good job because he has a newborn and another one on the way.

Please keep these girls and guys in your prayers.