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The Past Three Months…

We’ve been in the clubs the past three months, but I’ve failed to post updates. Lots of good conversations and requests for prayer. Here are highlights: As I walked out of the dressing room and back through the clubs, I saw a dancer sitting on the stage reading the scripture card. She looked up at me and smiled and said,… Read more »

Another first

Drenda Thomas   December 12, 2012   No Comments on Another first

In 12 years of doing this ministry, we had another first:  someone emailed me through the website asking me to come to her club — so we did last night. We were able to go in the dressing room and had a quick prayer with one girl. There were several clubs, modeling studios and massage parlors on this one street corner. We prayed… Read more »

It’s Been Way Too Long

I can’t believe I let more than a month go by without posting highlights. Shame on me! We’ve been in the clubs almost every week since the last post giving out some really cute gifts. In September, we handed out canvas totes that were given to us by Mark Palmer of Home of Hope. What a blessing!  The canvas totes were… Read more »

Five Angels Came to See Me Tonight

We’ve been in the strip clubs the past two Tuesday nights handing out gift bags. Each gift bag contained a colorful, stretchy headband, an encouraging scripture, a number to call for prayer, and chocolate candy. Below are highlights and prayer requests: Bunny told us about a shooting that happened in the parking lot of the club. She wanted prayer for… Read more »

Mother’s Day

In May we celebrated Mother’s Day in the clubs by taking drawstring backpacks with the Jesus Loves Dancers logo printed on them. The bags came in purple, pink or black. Each backpack contained an encouraging scripture, a number to call for prayer/assistance and chocolate candy. Here are highlights: Marie is not drinking as much since Veronica prayed with her on… Read more »

Got to Make the Bunnies…

During the month of April, we took gift bags to the strip clubs every Tuesday night. Each bag contained a homemade bunny, plastic egg with an encouraging scripture inside, an invitation to church, a number to call for prayer and chocolate candy.   Below are pictures of the bunnies. The first 40 were fun to make. The last 100+….not so much…. Read more »

March 13th & 20th

On both of these nights we went to the strip clubs and took gift bags containing candles, an encouraging scripture, an invitation to church, a number to call for prayer and chocolate candy. Here are highlights: Britney asked for prayer but wouldn’t say why because she “was afraid she would cry.” She said she was taking the gift bag with her… Read more »

Highlights from our last 2 trips to the clubs

A week ago Tuesday (2/28) we went to the clubs and gave Valentine gift bags to the girls. Here are highlights: Kathy just started. Not happy about what she’s doing, At a crossroads. Just got her first apartment and needs money. A father and son were at one of the clubs. Found a new club to visit. Very open to… Read more »

Tuesday Night (2/21/12)

This is Valentine’s month, and we are taking gift bags to the clubs every week instead of once a month for the next 8 weeks. The gift bags for February all contain the same thing:  stuffed animal, candy, encouraging scripture, and a number to call for prayer. It was a really fun night. Here are highlights: The college team was excited to… Read more »